The I Love You Project is a global social art initiative founded by New York multi-media visual artist Debbie Davies. The purpose of the project is to celebrate diversity and share intentions of peace, acceptance, and love across cultures.

Participants are videotaped and photographed saying "I Love You" in their native language using digital microscope cameras. The images and voice recordings are combined with original music by Julius Schön to create an immersive multi-media installation. The microscope technology, which is actually a child's toy, creates unexpected reflections of skin tone, sometimes capturing what is beneath the skin, and showing that we are all human underneath. During the photo sessions, participants are encouraged to spend time telling their stories of migration, and describing their personal and cultural definition of “love”. The highly emotional and connected experience participants share - saying "I Love You" into the camera - exemplifies the healing power of this phrase. This interaction creates a connection between participants, the photographer, and strangers. The message of love reverberates through the images and voices of people of different cultures and religions.

We have a non-profit fiscal sponsor - NYFA/Artspire. Tax deductible donations from the public on our behalf through can be made here to help fund this ongoing project.

The project has been conducted in Barcelona (Spain), Kiev (Ukraine) and in the German cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, and Giessen thus far. Upcoming planned cities for the project include London, Brooklyn, and Reykjavik. Visit our social media links for frequent updates on the project as we bring it to different cities.

Now the project has a permanent home in Berlin at LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum.

The project was featured in a full page article in the New York Post on June 3rd, click here to read.

Soundtracks for the project videos can be heard at our SoundCloud page.

You may view photos and videos of completed projects by clicking on the menu links above. Also see our list of past and upcoming video screenings which take place around the world.